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north sentinel island (most dangerous and mysterious islands)

north sentinel island mystery

welcome in north sentinel island story, friend we all know that this world is very gorgeous. There are open skies on one hand and on the other side there is a white mountain covered with a white sheet, green forest on one side, and on the other hand, the golden mounds of sand spread far and wide, on one side are rivers flowing on the other side, on the other side the calm and the ocean Hilarious hitting It is a very attractive and beautiful face of nature. But in some parts of this world, there are people who have taken their monopoly on a beautiful part of this nature. There, in this part, they have settled a different world where they do not tolerate the interference of an outsider.

north sentinel island (most dangerous and mysterious islands)

Friends, in almost every part of the world, the ancient primitive tribes inhabit, which has lived there for thousands of years. Nearly all of these tribal communities have reached the modern world and they have got mixed with the rest of the world. But still, there are some primitive tribes who do not like the interference of external world in their lives. One such mysterious primitive tribe is the "Lost Tribe", which lives on the North Sentinel Island, which comes under the jurisdiction of India in the Pacific Ocean. He neither contacts with an outsider nor lets anyone contact himself. There is nothing to do with the modern age or any member of this era. Even so, it has not allowed any outsiders to step on their land till date.

Let's know some interesting things about this island and this mysterious tribe living here -

What is the view of the island:

north sentinel island

If the island is taken from the sky, it is quite calm and beautiful like any common island. Everyone's heart will know about this island to go here. But still, there is something that neither the tourists nor the fishermen can afford to go to this island. Perhaps they also know that if they get here once, they will never be able to come back. This is the reason that no such photo of them has been available till date.

Removed from modern civilization:

north sentinel island

This island (North Sentinel Island) is one of the islands of Andaman Nicobar Islands Group in the Bay of Bengal. These people have completely rejected modern civilization and there is no contact with them from the world. They do not have clothes on their body or they do not have to live. They want to live their own lives that their generation has won. They themselves do not want anyone to interfere in their life and the world. This is the reason that the Indian government also does not want to interfere in the life of the people of this island.

The puzzle is their history:

north sentinel island

His history has always been a puzzle, which has not yet been solved. Nobody knows how long this person is living here and how old is his history. It is believed that this tribe has been living for some 60,000 years. These people are also called the Lost Tribe. In some reports, it has been termed as the world's most isolated tribe. Whenever these people see an outsider around him, they become violent and take his life.

Why is so dangerous:

north sentinel island

It is not known to be violent in this way, but it is believed that in the last part of 1980 some ambitious people went to the island to search for iron or other metals. Then there was violence among those people and members of this tribe, in which this tribe had lost many of its members. For this reason, people living on this island have considered other humans as their enemies and do not want to let them come to their place.

mortal peril :

Some people tried to connect this tribe with mainstream and tried to reach them, but the people of this tribe killed them. In the year 1981, a strayed boat was reached near this island, members of the boat told that some people stood beside the sides with arrows and spears. They were waiting for us to kill us and were throwing strange voices. We were fortunate enough that we were able to get out of there. Apart from tourists, this island is very dangerous for fishermen too. In 2006, this tribe of this tribe had killed many fishermen. These stones of flying airplanes in the vicinity are welcome. People of this tribe specialize in running fire arrows, so they start roaming fire shells on low flying aircraft in their border area. These people welcome any outsider who comes here with arrows and spears.

A government of India declared the exclusion area:

Indian Government has also made many efforts to improve the lives of the people of this tribe and their interests, but these people do not allow any outsider to come and fall on violence. Since 1991, such efforts have not been made by the Government of India. Now the government has banned the area from entering an external person by declaring this area as the exclusion zone. This tribe is the most dangerous and isolated tribe in the world and not only this, it is also the only tribe which whose life or internal affairs themselves are interrupted by the Government of India.

Wasted Tsunami:

north sentinel island

The Andaman Islands were devastated due to the terrible Tsunami that occurred in 2004. The residents of the earthquake and the terrible tsunami that followed then also suffered the storm. The Indian Government was concerned about what happened to these residents away from modernity. Therefore, three days after the storm to take notice of them, the Indian government sent a helicopter to the North Sentinel Island. But the original inhabitants of the place saw the helicopter and rained stones and arrows on it. But no one has even heard of this tsunami affecting the life of this tribe.

No special information:

This tribe, based on Sentinel Island, is dependent on hunting. Aerial photographs taken by the airplane are still dense forests in this area, it makes it clear that the people here do not farm. The tribe is dependent on hunting only to fill the stomach. Although a lot has not been known about them, because they are so dangerous that no one lets them come near. Getting close to them means risking your life. These people do not tolerate any kind of external interference, so any firm information about them, such as their number, their custom, their language, their living, etc. are, how are some people Not there. But what is the population of this tribe at present is yet an unresolved question. According to estimates, the number of people related to this tribe can be from a few dozen to 100-200.

Not available until clear picture:

There is no such thing related to the life of the people associated with this tribe so that nothing can be found about them. The group of researchers or social workers who are searching for ancient tribes reaches other tribes, but they do not even have a clear picture of them because they are so dreadful that they do not even come close to anyone. Therefore, the photos or videos related to them are made from such a distance that their clarity disappears. So no one has ever seen this thing, how people look.

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