Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Interesting information

Interesting information

We are sharing these interesting insights with you, who will be shocked to read you. Friends A lot of things happen around us but there are some things about them that we do not know.

1. A pencil is so graphite that it can be drawn 35 miles long and about 45,000 words can be written.

2.Tissue was made in 1904 because unmarried people had difficulty sticking buttons

3. The cards do not have the mustache of King (king) of red leaf, but all the kings are from

4. In the olden days, the candles were burnt in the cake on the birthday to please the Goddesses.

5. Water was used when putting coins in the world's first vending machine

6. Chocolate Milk invented in 1680. Earlier, people used to add cocoa in water. Once someone saw it mixing it in milk, then it was very tasty. Chocolate milk was invented.

7. In ancient times the pineapple used to cost $ 8000. At that time the pineapple was considered very great. Some people used to hire pineapple in parties.

8. The door of the refrigerator is magnetic so that the children are not trapped in it. Prior to 1956, the handle of the fridge was set in the gate, which only opened from the outside, so many children who were hiding in the fridge while playing were killed.

9. The bread was used to remove the marks of the first pencil. In 1770, Edward Narine used rubber instead of bread, since then rubber began to be used.

10. At the beginning, the PIN of the ATM was of 6 points, but the ATM inventor's wife remembered only 4 marks, so it was reduced to 4 points.

11. Humans have 80% water in mind

12. Mice and horses can never vomit

13. Mosquitoes are more affected than blue color rather than any other color14. One person loses 10 times a day on average

15. There is so much iron in the human body that 1 inch long can be 1 nail

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