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real ghost -People touch them and die

the real ghost

Friends, you have heard about real ghosts and spirits. Many of us are like those who do not believe that there really are ghosts, but still many people believe that ghosts are there. Friends, we will not be the debate whether there are ghosts or not, but in today's post, we will tell you about live ghosts. Yes, friends are living beings, who live among humans. Once you read this, you must have been surprised but it is true. In West Africa, Nigeria has a small country Benin. It is believed in this country that the African black magic "Voodoo" started from here. Benin has a secret society called Egungun, whose members are called "Living Ghosts". It is believed that if this e-gungun touches any other person, then of he are killed. Let's know

real ghost

What is the work of Egungun?

By the way, EGungun always lives in our own world and keeps away from other people. These people come on special occasions, the main thing among them is to resolve the disputes of the people. Yes, the main work of Eungun is to solve the disputes between the villagers and make a decision. It is believed that "dead ancestors" come on Egungun and give their opinions through them. Therefore the decision of the people of Egungun by people is considered to be the message of God and the last. To solve any dispute, more than one Egungun sits. They also discuss together. They speak very loud and vague words. After the decision that Egungun, it is impossible to reject it and it is impossible to change the verdict.
real ghost

The general fear of being killed by the touch of EguGuang is so deep that people also run away from their meet. And if they touch them by mistake, they come into horribleness. Many people die from this horribleness and fear.

How do Egungun live?

Igungan thick coarsely packs a lot of heavy clothes. Apart from this, we also wear lots of colorful clothes. They always hide their identity and for this, they cover their faces. Often these people like to live alone in a deserted place and at different times come only on special occasions.

real ghost

With IGungan, there are always some members of his society, the deposit is called Mindor (Mindor). Their main work is to care for IGungan. They have a stick in their hands and they warn that they stay away from them. It is believed that both the person and Igungun both die due to the slightest touch of IGungan, so they make a certain distance between the Mindar people and IGunjun. 

Even if IGungan sit and rest somewhere, the Minders keep on guard. There are also people who play drums with their group. IGungan also dances on the drum.

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