Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Amazing Germany facts

Top Amazing Germany facts

Germany's name comes in the world of technology. Germany is very much in the field of science and engineering but apart from this, the people of Germany are also known for their country's integrity and bravery.

1. Germany is the most populous country in Europe

2. Germany's population is 8 crores, so the population is in our Andhra Pradesh.

3. German capital Berlin is a 9x larger city than Paris

4. No escape from prison in prison for any prisoner in Germany because every person wants to be free

5. World's First Magazine (magazine) appeared in 1663 in Germany

6. After World War I, the number of men in Germany was so low that only 3 men left on 3 women

7. It is a crime to lose gas when driving on a highway in Germany

8. From 1998 to 2009, 2000 schools were closed in Germany because there was a severe shortage of children.

9. Germany's population has decreased by 20 million in the last two decades

10. In 2014, fees for students of all colleges in Germany were waived, even for foreign students
11. In Germany, 15 bombs are still found today, which were to be used in the Second World War, by searching for such bombs they are defused.

12. Fanta was first created in Germany because it was difficult to import Coca Cola during World War II.

13. In Germany, you can not keep children's names so that they do not know their gender (female or male) such as "Bobby"

14. Hit the Hitler's Nazi Salute Today is a crime in Germany

15. After World War II, a wall was built between the Berlin capital of Berlin, but this wall was broken in 1990.

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