Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Top Women Facts

Top Women Facts 

Women are one of the most wonderful creation created by God. Women have a special place in the greatness and culture of any country .

Today we tell you top facts interesting things related to women, who will know your eyes will be tarnished because these facts are absolutely new to you and as well as people are curious about women, then today we will tell you some funny things. Only give -


1. Every 90 seconds a pregnant woman dies

2. Women speak 20,000 words in a day whereas men speak only          13,000 words

3. The world's top 20 richest women have become richer by inheriting their husbands or fathers' property.

4. 9 million women in Russia are more than men

5. In this thinking, women spend a year on their own "what should I wear"
6. Women cry 30 to 64 times in a year while men only 6 to 17 times
7. Men lie twice as much as women
8. India's youngest divorced woman is only 10 years old
9. Men in the heart attack are suffering from shoulder pain while men chest
10. Women's heart beats faster than men
11. Longer women have more chances of cancer
12. The woman who had the highest child had 69 children
13. Women blink lashes 19 times in one minute while men only 11 times
14. 80% of women wear bad numbers bra
15. Women look more like bad dreams than men
16. Men suffer more pain after breakup


17. Women buy shoes slippers a lot, but only 40% of them wear sandals
18. 40% of children in the United States are unmarried.
19. 4% of women in America are pregnant
20. The women who snore during pregnancy have little children
21. Women think about their looks 9 times a day
22. Women have more expertise in working together than men
23. Women often win more than men


24. Jamaica and Colombia are the only countries where female bosses are relatively male boss
25. Women in the US are 30% women in business
26. One woman dies every 13 minutes with breast cancer
27. The world's first computer programmer was a woman
28. St. Lucia is the only country whose name lies in the name of a woman

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