Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Top Amazing Facts of UAE (DUBAI)

 Amazing Facts of UAE (DUBAI)

"UAE" does not need any introduction to the world's richest countries. Life style of the people of UAE and high buildings here have always attracted the world. There are many such rumors about this city of dreams "UAE" that will be coming out "WOW amazing" from your mouth.


1. Only 15% of the total population in UAE (Dubai) are from UAE (Dubai), but from all the countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc.
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2. Police in UAE also have expensive vehicles like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

3. The world's tallest building Burj Khalifa is also in UAE with 164 floors

4. There is no address system in UAE that means no zip code, zip   code, alley number or home address.

5. There are many ATMs in UAE that do not get money but gold coins
6. UAE's Sheiks are very fond of lions and leopards

7. UAE Mall is the world's largest mall with 1200 stores
8. Never seen as desert and desert, UAE is the richest country in the world today.
9. Only 6% of UAE's economy is dependent on oil exports, mostly money comes from real estate and tourism business
10. Those who live in Burjhalifa during Ramadan, have to face a big problem because the sun is seen for a long time for those above 80th Male, due to which they can not break their fast.
11. Burj Khalifa is such a high building that it is visible even from 90 kms away.

12. Air conditioners are not only available in UAE but also in bus stops
13. Before the marriage in UAE, the girl's girl can not even hold hands by holding one hand if she gets caught, then she can be in jail. 

5. People of UAE would not have to pay income tax. Yes Dubai is completely tax free

16. There is a license to take alcohol in the home of UAE in order to drink alcohol. You can not even put alcohol in your home in UAE  without a license 

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