Saturday, August 4, 2018

Top 25 Love Facts

Romantic Facts about Love

Love is a topic in which people have the highest interest How is love When is love? Why is this love? Millions of people search the internet every day

Hundreds of films have also been made on love but there is a lot of difference between Reel Life and Real Life. Today we will tell you some special things related to 
love which you always wanted to know about :

 1. If you are thinking too much about someone then the person who is guaranteed is thinking about you only

2. Psychology says that as much as you hide your filling, the love will increase as much

3. If you want to always see someone happy, it means that you are starting to love him

4. If you read messages sent to them repeatedly, then 100% you have started wanting them


5. If the boyfriend or girlfriend is together, then you start moving slowly a little bit

6. The couple who laugh at each other for at least 10 minutes a day, always have a good relation

7. In the morning, people who do your wife in the morning, live at least 5 years 

8. The one who wants you from the heart will never leave you alone, no matter how the circumstances 

9. Love works like a cocaine drunk on a person's mind 

10. The common man loves someone at least 7 times before marriage 

11. Boys do not spend too much time in speaking "I love you", but the girl takes a lot of time to say "I love you"

12. Men have more pain than women after breakup

13. If the girl refuses the proposal, then it hurts like heart injury

 14. Holding the hand of a lover or girlfriend, fatigue and tension decreases, it is a psychological truth 

15. People who go to office by early morning to their wife are often wealthy

 16. Embracing your lover acts like a pen killer, it reduces the stress and tension of your mind. 

17. The work capacity of the people falling in love decreases18. When you fall in love, you start moving away from your friends 

19. One person made the online dating website named, and later his own girlfriends left him because his girlfriend also got a new lover from the same website. 

20. On Valentine's Day many prisoners flee from prison and go to meet their girlfriends 

21. Like humans, swan lives with the same life companion 

22. 90% of the boys speak "I Love You" first, the girl speaks very little before I love you 

23. Surveys say that the IQ of those who cheat in love is very less 

24. Only 25% love marriages are good, 75% of cases go into divorce25. People between 18 and 20 years of age have more pain in breakup.   


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